Saturday, April 17, 2010

Food, Glorious Food!

Looking at our check-out sheet for the Temple Micah auction tonight, you would think the only thing we’re interested in is food!  Of all the many items to bid on, we are always most attracted to the member dinners.

The annual auction is the biggest fund-raiser of the year.  Members are encouraged to offer goods and services, but most importantly they are asked to dig deep to buy things they want and at the same time supplement the operating budget.

I offered the dog food class for 4 people at my house.  I also offered to make a 2-week supply of dog food and dog biscuits for some lucky canine.  David offered 4 hours of Mac consultation.  Together we made over $300.

But that’s nothing compared to the offer by David Gregory (a member) for 12 people to see a live Meet the Press taping and have brunch at his house afterward.  That single item came in at $6,500.  We will not be part of that group.

But instead we purchased A Taste of South East Asia (part of a gourmet dinner for 10), Pizza and Pasta, Dinner in Asia (another one), New Recipes for the New Year (High Holiday tasting), Small Plate Brunch (where each person takes home a plate and bowl made by the award-winning ceramicist).  With a couple of additional items, we definitely contributed our fair share.

In addition, we each came home with a new baseball cap, even though one of us isn’t a big baseball fan.  No raffle winnings tonight (unlike the auction where we won a Wii, which unfortunately has never come out of its shrink wrap.)

It was a fun evening of socializing with good food and good friends while we spent good money for a good cause.


Blogger Merle Sneed said...

These auctions are the most interesting fundraisers. Wow! David Gregory. I could not have won his item either.

12:18 AM  
Blogger lettuce said...

such a good way to raise money

yes, i think i'd go for the foodie ones too

4:08 AM  

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