Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On the Road Again

Here we sit waiting to leave for Poland and then Israel. It's somewhat discouraging to look out and see our plane has not yet arrived, meaning our departure is delayed by at least an hour and a half. Will we make our connection in Amsterdam? Unclear. This is when I am happy to have my little suitcase with me. They might actually hold the connecting flight for a group of 16 travelers.

It's a very tightly scheduled trip in which we were supposed to arrive in Poland and go straight to Treblinka. Not exactly a cheery welcome, but probably representative of what we will be seeing in Poland, where we will be learning first-hand about the Holocaust. I hope there will be time to talk to Poles about how they feel about what happened. Poland was recently ranked the second most anti-Semitic country in Europe, so I may be reluctant to say too much about the nature of my trip.

I am disappointed not to have received a book I ordered just yesterday: The Journey by H. G. Adler. It tells a story I so wanted to read before visiting the camps. I will look forward to reading it upon my return.

We now have a plane, so hope springs eternal!

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Location:Dulles Airport


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you travel safely and deeply, with just enough surprise, delight, and magic, especially in the "heavier" places. Hi to D. I look forward to hearing about your journey!


3:50 PM  
Blogger bulletholes said...

Wow Barb, this is a heavy trip

8:14 PM  

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