Wednesday, March 07, 2012

At Sea

We are safely ensconced in the belly of the Skorpios II, in our windowless bargain-price cabin on the same level as the crew. It became immediately apparent that we are in the minority, being the only residents of the US out of the 8 countries represented among the 45 passengers.

So far we have spent a lot of time eating very delicious, very caloric food. and there is no gym, so we may gain 5 pounds during the 5 days of the cruise.

Two crew already rowed ashore to one of the islands of Chiloe to pick up two lambs to be roasted at an outdoor barbecue at one of our stops.

I am sitting here drinking water cooled by ice from the San Rafael glacier, a remnant of the last trip of this boat to the south. There is a slight roll to the boat, a sure test of one's tendency to be seasick.

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Location:South of Puerto Montt


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