Friday, February 24, 2012

Santiago Day 2

My first real shock came last night when we went to eat at my favorite restaurant El Parron only to find it boarded up. What can you really expect after 35 years? Apparently it only closed recently. We had a very acceptable dinner elsewhere without the ambiance of a grape arbor inside a restaurant.

Today we started out at the Mercado Central, which carries just about any sort of seafood you could imagine eating. We settled on a paella for lunch which was chock full of shellfish. One of us loved it.

Then we headed over the river to the fruit and vegetable market called Vega Central. Along the way I finally got my jugo de tuna, or cactus fruit drink. I have managed not to get sick yet despite the fact the woman making it added water out of a pitcher.

We went to the Museum of Memory on the way back to the hotel, where we learned more about what happened starting on September 11, 1973, and including the ensuing years of torture. It was a difficult time for many in this country.

Tonight I reunited with my friend whom I haven't seen for at least 25 years. She is now married to an American and they share time between Houston and Chile, where they continue to grow plums on her family's farm. We had an elegant dinner in the Prince of Wales Country Club.
We are both exhausted after another full day of walking around exploring punctuated by food breaks. We must sleep well in order to be able to do it again tomorrow!

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Location:Pedro de Valdivia,Providencia,Chile


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