Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The sun has been out from time to time today. We had a chance to have several adventures between showers.


We first set off toward Lican Ray with the intention of taking a lovely walk around a peninsula out into the lake there. One thing we have found is a scarcity of signs, so it was no surprise that we had trouble finding the peninsula. From this beach we started walking down the beach, fairly sure we were in the wrong place but following the sounds of music and laughter somewhere up ahead.

We ended up crawling through the hole in a fence to find ourselves on the grounds of a Baptist camp. We had been hearing the sounds of teenagers doing some sort of musical activity. No one asked for our credentials as we made our way through the camp in search of our car.

But the real adventure of the day was inspired by a sign for "Miel" or honey , which we had seen on the way down. We ended up having a long conversation with Alejandro, the proprietor who was Chilean-born, had been kicked out of Chile in 1972, and then spent 18 years in New York.

We ended up buying honey and bee pollen which is supposed to have wonderful health benefits.

Tomorrow we are hoping to go to a thermal hot spring, of which there are many thanks to the volcanoes in the area.


But for now I am enjoying my daily pisco sour!

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