Monday, March 12, 2012

Last Day in the Desert

Today we are hanging around our hotel, catching up on things after checking out while we wait to go to the airport this afternoon.

A Belgian woman we met went with me to the local archaeological museum this morning. On the way we encountered much-needed road improvement with a total absence of workers, much like at home.

The museum left a lot to be desired in terms of signage, but it did contain some interesting artifacts from the region.

It has become increasingly clear that hallucinogenics are and have been an important part of the local culture, far beyond the mate de coca we are drinking. Last night on the main street of Caracoles multiple people with red eyes were selling "hamburguesas" that were some sort of drug and not ground beef.

Today in the museum we saw lots of drug paraphernalia, including little flat things with a space for the drug, drug storage tubes, and skinny tubes for snorting. Some of the same things were in the gift shop.

I also saw a beautiful little bird similar to the one I have been searching for, but this bird was centuries old.

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Location:Antofagasta,San Pedro de Atacama,Chile


Blogger e said...

It sounds like an altogether lovely trip. I hope your trip home is as well.

10:22 PM  
Blogger Steve Reed said...

I guess that's to be expected from a civilization that arose on the home turf of the coca leaf!

3:10 AM  

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