Wednesday, March 07, 2012


We are steadily making our way south toward the San Rafael Glacier. We could just as easily be on a fjord in Norway. We have passed hundreds of small uninhibited islands. Every now and then the green is broken by a waterfall.

Welcome to our space downstairs. It's his and hers beds, each more than wide enough for one but a cosy fit for two.

In case you were wondering about our emergency training, there was a video on the TV in our room. I can only imagine there would be total chaos if there was a real problem.

As in every cruise I have ever been on, there is way too much good food and little opportunity to burn calories. But I am taking every opportunity to eat whatever is offered (including natural lobster tonight) and I can still button my pants.

We just had a lecture about glaciers to get us ready for our arrival at the San Rafael tomorrow. It promises to be quite a day.

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Blogger Steve Reed said...

If it's as chilly as it looks -- and apparently it is, judging from your subsequent posts -- you'll burn plenty of calories even sitting around!

3:28 AM  

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