Sunday, November 27, 2005

Rocky and Bullwinkle

As I was driving along on my way home from my massage today, I was reminded of one of my favorite cartoons of all time – The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. I looked over to my left at a stop light to see the head of a huge black lab hanging out the window of a large SUV. In taking a closer look, I realized that the dog had tinted goggles on his eyes. (I swear I am going to start carrying a camera for just this kind of photo op.) He looked at me as if to say, “My owners read about the dangers of a dog sticking his head out the window of a moving car – how all sorts of debris can fly into his eyes. Aren’t they so smart? And don’t I look absolutely COOL?” He gave me a quick nod as the light turned green and the SUV lurched ahead. Who knows – maybe Tom Terrific is still out there somewhere!


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