Friday, November 25, 2005

Where, Oh Where, Has My Energy Gone?

As I opened my eyes this morning, my first thought was how to pawn off my morning dog responsibilities, offering to feed Dylan and Jake in the evening if David would get up and deal with them. The idea of working out in our basement gym, of jumping on the elliptical machine, was simply out of the question. I am definitely still feeling like a SLUG!

I was happy to find my forehead cool this morning. Yesterday I had a nagging cough – one of those that just tickles your throat all the time – was it simply coincidental? or was it the result of the breathing tube being down my throat during the surgery? Who knows? I also had a slight fever, which must have broken during the night because I woke up feeling damp (could have been a hot flash). My chest seems to have a residual soreness, but I think the cough is subsiding, taking with it my fever.

So what’s on my list today? I’m planning to put my feet up and finish reading Jane Eyre. If I really scrape up some energy I may make a batch of brownies for the oneg shabbat following Friday services at Temple Micah. David had agreed to host this some time back. When I reminded him that I might not be of much assistance, we both just agreed to purchase whatever was necessary. So Trader Joe’s may cater the oneg.

So far I’m sticking to my commitment to pamper myself and just not push it. This is a new feeling for me, but I like it! After all, most of what I might be tempted to do can simply wait...


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