Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Love-Hate Affair with Exercise

As I worked out this morning in our basement “gym”, I reflected that I have had a lifelong love-hate affair with exercise, mostly hating doing it but loving those friggin’ endorphins that it releases.

I have a distinct memory of dreading going back to school in the 7th grade because we had to pass the President’s physical fitness test to get an “A” in physical education class and I really sucked at things like situps. That “B” was the only blotch on my otherwise perfect junior high school record.

I’ve always loved riding my bicycle and even playing golf, but the gym-oriented forms of exercise and running were never things I was just dying to do.

But it turns out that my body was dying just a little at a time from not doing any of those types of exercise. So about 2 years ago, I met a really cute talented personal trainer Brian at an open house at my yoga studio. Brian helped us set up a home gym and prescribed a program that was not so ambitious that we would never do it. He came over once or twice a week until we knew what we were doing. I was so committed to this while Brian was in the picture.

That original exercise plan has morphed somewhat as I started doing pilates, but it still takes place in my basement when I do it. But therein lies the problem. It takes about an hour to do the whole thing, including 15 minutes on the elliptical machine. There are many mornings when I just don’t have an hour and I know by now that I will never do the whole thing after work.

Exercise is increasingly important to me because it makes me feel better and it helps me not gain weight. So I simply must figure out a way to make my exercise program a habit and not the object of an excuse.

What about those of you who go to the gym religiously – what is your motivation? Are you addicted to exercise? Convinced that you will be fat if you don’t exercise? In search of meeting your next date? Or like me just trying to stave off atrophy?


Blogger Mother of Invention said...

I have always been a walker, about 2 miles a day fairly fast (4o min)..then my heart attack in March...then cardio rehab which I'm 1/2 way through. Dave bought me a recumbent bike and I also have a stationary with the arm bars to push..that really gets my heart rate up to its target zone! (My zone is 125-137..not at the point yet where I'm in that zone for 20 lovely aerobic moments!)
I hate the bike since it hurts my fibromyalgic leg muscles so I alternate dancing around the livingroom for a break!
I put funky music on..I'm currently loving Susie Tedeski..funky Bonnie Raitt really motivates me..I'm anal! I have to pedal to the beat of the music so I adjust the RPM's to match!! HA! It's my OCD for sure!
Of course, my other motivation is to prevent another heart attack and to burn up my sugar and keep it more level AND I can eat more too!!! My weight's fine except for the menopausal pot! (I'm 5'9" and am about 154)

Hey, please check out my dad as guest writer today and please comment as a present to him for Father's Day! He'll be thrilled..he's never even looked at a computer screen!!!

10:35 AM  
Blogger Cee said...

My motivation to go the gym is wanting to get my money's worth - I've paid for a year in advance, so I go at least three times a week. Greed is the key :-) (Plus, having a gym that's right near work, so there's no excuse not to pop over in my lunch hour.)

6:18 PM  
Anonymous DRFS aka Sue said...

I'm not sure what gets me to the gym. I have paid a lot for my current gym...and now that I'm seeing results...I'm more inspired. But I do see it as a way to zone out and think. Have a conversation with myself or one of the saints I've been chatting with of late. And...on Saturday...I kissed my crush and I know this week the gym will get me through my evenings as I FREAK OUT over this new turn of events.

8:05 AM  

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