Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Perfect Day

Today has been picture-perfect, by far the sunniest and warmest day of our trip. We were lucky to have our son's company this morning.

We sat out in the big square in front of the Rathaus (city hall) marveling at the day and the friendly feel of the city of Hamburg.

We took a boat tour of the lake around which much of Hamburg lies. Although there was a pamphlet in English, the tour was conducted in German so we missed quite a bit of the explanation of what we were seeing. The old homes on the shore of the lake were breathtaking. And the weeping willows reminded me of those at Hain's Point at home.

We had a savory curry wurst for lunch and then parted ways as our son headed off for a language exchange (he's learning German, she's learning English). We took that opportunity to do some shopping.

A little different style building for fast food here: Burger King!

You can find just about anything you want within just a couple of subway stops in Hamburg. We found
-- A cartridge for our son's printer so he can print out his California bar application (for the time when he's ready to earn a little more money).
-- A German grammar book and a pocket dictionary to aid him in his language studies.
-- A few treats for our favorite dog-sitter.
-- A collection of lucky stones for someone back home who is making big positive changes.
-- Some heavenly body butter.

Somehow it's much easier to spend money when the sun is out. Probably a good thing it has been so rainy and cloudy until today.

The Germans love their dogs about as much as the French do. The dogs, who all look like the Heinz 57 variety, are welcome on the subway, in restaurants, and on the street. They are all well-adjusted and seldom bark as they fit right into the daily life of their German owners.

Note there are 3 dogs in this picture!

Bicycles are the predominant mode of self-transport. You pay attention when you hear a loud "Mensch" (man), the German equivalent of "on your left". It pays to stay clear of the bike lanes!

We will meet up again with our son for some early dinner and perhaps a movie in English. In his low-income state, a movie is a treat!

Another subway push for acceptance of cultural integration: Learning is not a question of heritage.


Blogger Kate said...

I am loving "my" trip through Berlin and Hamburg with your beautiful story and pictures.


1:39 PM  
Blogger Kristin said...

It looks like such a wonderful trip.

3:04 PM  

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