Monday, June 07, 2010

Restoring the Color

When a photograph is hanging on the wall, the sun’s damage from one day to the next is imperceptible.  But 10 years of sun is enough to leach away a lot of color.
When we recently had our house painted, I suddenly noticed how pale the two large photos from our 2000 Hawaii trip had become.  The Bird of Paradise was recognizable only by its shape.

After some digging around, I managed to located Bob Wright, the photographer.  (For a price) he sent me a couple of replacement photos -- not exactly the same shots, but close.
Today when I took the Bird of Paradise in to be reframed, the contrast of the old and new photos was striking.  I will be replacing the glass with museum quality glass that will greatly reduce the effect of the sun.
At least for now the colors of Hawaii are once again bright.  We’ll see how long they last this time.


Blogger Steve said...

Quite a dramatic difference! Isn't it great that you could track down the photographer? Reds and yellows seem especially prone to fading for some reason.

3:59 PM  

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