Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cathay away

We hailed a cab at 171st at around 6:30 am not knowing what rush area in NYC would be like. Our Pakistani cab driver was a master at wiggling out of a traffic jam and had us to Terminal 7 in about 40 minutes.

There was no one in line at security. I warned the guy that I had a hip replacement and he with a deadpan face said "We don't allow those here." As it turns out my titanium hip no longer seems to set off the metal detector. Go figure!

My very unhealthy breakfast consisted of an everything bagel with cream cheese AND a MacD sausage biscuit downed with a large Starbucks latte. My poor stomach said WTF?!

Our Cathay Pacific flight boarded its half-empty cabin right on time. We wheeled our little carryon bags longingly past the high-priced seats that convert into beds. But quite honestly I have more leg room than I have ever had, everything works well, and I am extremely comfortable for this flight that will be between 15:23 and 15:54 hours in duration, definitely the longest flight I have ever taken.

We just finished brunch, a tasty frittata with salsa and bacon. Is that not the cutest little spoon you have ever seen?

We are just 2 hours into the trip. I am starting to wonder how I'll feel after 13 more hours of flying time.

Flying over the Arctic. Photo courtesy of DD and Camera +

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Blogger The Badger King said...

!!! So glad that you are here- let the eating begin!

10:49 AM  
Blogger Kristin said...

I can totally hear your voice in this post. I'm so excited to read more and catch up on your trip!

5:37 AM  

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