Monday, August 16, 2010

Erawan Falls

Just so you know all is not nirvana on this trip, here are four little vignettes of "challenges":

On Sunday before we left Bangkok, Brock almost got arrested. A motorcycle cop pulled him over and accused him of throwing a cigarette butt out of the cab, an unpardonable crime for foreigners. Being totally innocent, he refused to get out of the cab and was calling the tourist police when the cop decided to let him go. Apparently it's a scam that usually ends up with a bribe being paid to the cop.

I hopped on the bus from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi expecting a bathroom of some sort. But as we got underway I realized there was none for the two-hour trip. I told myself I could hold it, but every bump made me realize it was futile. Without going into details, I will tell you I figured out how to solve the problem without stopping the bus or humiliating myself. Brock is sworn to secrecy, but will forever have good blackmail material.

Today we visited Erawan Falls, a most extraordinary national park near the Burmese border. I was sitting there dangling my feet in the water letting the fish nibble and guarding everyone else's stuff while they swam when a bold monkey jumped down and stole David's shirt despite my protests. A girl from the Netherlands was able to retrieve it from where he dropped it.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Rachel spent much of today looking for a bathroom. Brock has been very responsive to cries of "EP" (emergency poop).

We sitting on an overnight train, waiting to pull out for Chiang Mai. What an adventure!

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Location:Thanon Rong Mueang,Rong Mueang,Thailand


Blogger Steve Reed said...

What an adventure indeed! Your descriptions of mishaps along the way remind me why I love international's not always comfortable, but it's always exciting!!

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Brock said...

Uhhh, I might be sworn to secrecy but Rachel might kill you for breaking the first rule of EP: never talking about Emergency Poop. Whheeeeeee!

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Brock said...

Also I will never forget that Dutch woman trying to hit the monkey with a walking cane to get David's shirt back. Take that monkey-cousin. Shirts are for us.

7:42 AM  
Blogger Kristin said...

I'm with Steve - what an adventure! You seem to be taking it all in stride and it sounds like a *great* trip.

5:46 AM  

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