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We made the most of our last few hours in Valparaiso, choosing to visit the home of Pablo Neruda, probably the most famous author from Chile. His heyday was in the 50's and 60's as he wrote poetry and prose that spoke to the hearts of Chileans. It is almost fortunate that he didn't live to experience the Pinochet regime because he was obviously of a very different mentality.
I have enjoyed reading short stories of various Chilean authors in the book above, Neruda being one of the authors.

La Sebastiana, his house in Valparaiso, was and still is a masterpiece. It remains as a museum today to let the world have a glimpse of how Neruda lived. All 5 floors have an exceptional view of the sea. They depict Neruda as an artist, who was also interested in good food, interesting collectibles, and entertaining friends.

After we toured the Neruda house, we snagged what we thought was a cab and it turned out to be a colectiva, which took us to the city center for just over $1.

I couldn't resist a picture of these Old Navy jeans at a used clothing store, where there were many bargains for the equivalent of $1.

We took the Conception funicular to get to a higher level without doing all those stairs.

Back at Allegretto, the site of yesterday's lunch with its jukebox and vintage drink cooler, we once again ordered the plato del dia, which featured the strongest pisco sour I have had yet, a mushroom-goat cheese brochettes, an omelet over rice with vegetables and curried peanut sauce, and crepe Suzette for dessert -- all for about $9.

We caught another colectiva back to our B&B at the top of the hill. In just an hour or so we will start our journey home.

Fate was conspiring to keep us in Chile. On the way to the airport, our taxi had a flat tire. Unfortunately the driver changed the flat and we arrived with time to spare.

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Location:La Leona,Valparaíso,Chile


Blogger Steve Reed said...

Whenever I hear about Pablo Neruda, I think of "The Postman." Have you ever seen it?

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is read a book related to my destination. Glad you're enjoying some Chilean writers!

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and amazingly diverse trip you've had. You've definitely whetted my appetite for Valparaiso.

Thanks for sharing your adventures. Safe travels home!


1:19 PM  

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