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More on pisco sours at Steve’s request.  Pisco is somewhat like the Italian grappa.  You can check it out here on Wikipedia.  Although its origins were most likely in Peru, today both Peru and Chile have an active pisco industry and pisco sours are the cocktail of choice for many in those countries.
Perhaps the best pisco sours we had on our recent trip were at the Hosteria de la Colina, our small bed-and-breakfast place in Villarrica.  It is owned by a couple from Oregon, who have been there for over 20 years.  Every afternoon our host Glen would offer us a pisco sour around 6:00 or so and we would gladly accept.  This is his recipe:
Glen’s Pisco Sour
Try to use pisco “Capel” of 35%.  You may make any amount at one time.  For each normal-sized drink, use:
-- 1-1/2 large ice cubes
-- 1-1/2 oz. pisco
-- 1/2 oz. lemon or lime juice
-- 1 heaping teaspoon powdered sugar
-- 1/10 egg white
Blend the above on high speed for about 40 seconds.  Remove from blender, pour into a glass, and top with about 10 drops of Scotch whiskey.
(If you are making batches of drinks, just use 3 times more pisco than lemon juice, and the same amount of lemon juice as powdered sugar.)

Enjoy!  Think of your friends in Villarrica!

If you come see me, I will definitely offer you a pisco sour.  


Blogger Steve Reed said...

Interesting! I didn't realize Pisco was a liquor. I've never heard of it. (My lack of exposure to South American culture is showing.)

Measuring out a tenth of an egg white has got to be a challenge!

3:08 AM  

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