Monday, November 28, 2005

Back to Old Habits

I feel like my life has been totally turned upside down over the past week. I’ve spent 24 hours in the hospital, stayed up later, slept in, not gone to work, and not exercised even once. Just about the only things I did as usual were to go to Shabbat services and to get my weekly massage, both of which did a lot to recharge my mind-body-soul.

In addition, Dan was home from Tucson. I have come to realize that my children don’t live here any longer. When they come, it is just for a visit. I try to refrain from the normal parental reminders and suggestions, just to have a few peaceful days. But I must say there are a lot of changes, especially when Dan comes home. His sleep clock is set quite differently than ours, so often he is asleep when we are up and vice versa. He lets Jake roam all over the house. So when he is home, there is dog hair upstairs as well as downstairs, my socks are stolen, and I trip over his kongs everywhere. Dan left today, so Jake is in mourning.

As of this afternoon, I sense that my life is returning to normal. I had a wonderful afternoon playing music with Deborah and Bill. Deborah and I are really learning how to work together – almost like dance partners. In the music we are currently playing, it’s usually her job to lead, but I must know how to follow and when to do my little twirls. Bill is the kindest, gentlest coach anyone could ever ask for. I’m sure he could play either of our parts better than we can, but he just keeps giving good advice and telling us how much we are improving.

Then I went to yoga, not knowing whether I would simply have to slip into a long shavasana. Leyla led us through a gentle 90 minutes and my body felt good as it stretched and loosened up. What a great way to begin exercising again.

Tomorrow I’ll go back to work. I’m not feeling pressured or anxious because I have such a good staff now. But it will be nice to be back at my desk directing their work.

There are doctors’ visits tucked here and there into my schedule, but for the most part, it’s going to be business as usual. Creatures of habit do their best when life is habitual!


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