Sunday, December 25, 2005

Fearless Freedom

Yesterday as I was getting ready to go have drinks with a special friend, I reached for a couple of bottles of essential oils to dab a little scent on my wrists. I immediately went for FEARLESS because I have been using it for a couple of months and I have been so unbelievably brave. Then another bottle just literally fell into my teacup, which was positioned under the shelf. Fortunately it didn’t break. But when I looked to see what it was, I found FREEDOM. It was a new bottle, unopened. I had no recollection of where it had come from – absolutely none. Then I thought to myself what a nice ring FEARLESS FREEDOM had to it. Why not?

I shook a couple of drops onto each wrist, rubbed them together, and they smelled mysteriously wonderful as I headed off to Dupont to hang out at Kramerbooks on Christmas Eve afternoon. As I was chortling over John Stewart’s “America: The Book”, my friend showed up. While we were sipping wine and gobbling up some early dinner, I happened to mention the oils intrigue, asking her if by chance she had given me FREEDOM. She said no, but that FEARLESS FREEDOM so aptly described my unbridled brave new world attitude toward life. She also reminded me of how well this describes my liberation from a health issue of 20 years as I complete a final purge of an old problem from my body forever in a couple of weeks. Guess I’ll never know the source of that little bottle, but I like it oh so much!

Let there be a lot of FEARLESS FREEDOM in my 2006.


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