Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Bite of a New Apple

I have moved up the technology ladder.  I now have an iPad, purchased with the intention of having a lightweight computer for traveling.
It is definitely compact and attractive.  In fact it is thinner than most paperbacks and smaller than most notebooks.
Since we don’t seem to be going anywhere these days, I’m mainly using my new toy for reading books.  I’m currently reading our book club selection, The Tinker by Paul Harding.
It is remarkably like reading an actual book, even to the way you turn the page -- both moving forward and moving backward.  It provides the ability to search for a word or phrase.  I can easily increase the size of the font.  I can view one or two pages at a time simply by turning the iPad 90 degrees.
I had steadfastly refused to succumb to reading books electronically, telling myself and others that I liked the feel of the pages.  
But I must admit I’m hooked.  Today as I answered phones at Temple Micah, I periodically checked my email and read The Tinker.  I wonder if an author makes more money from someone buying an actual book or an electronic book?  
Prior to the advent of electronic books, we always needed two copies of the book club selection.  Now we can both be reading electronically after purchasing just one copy.  And we will never have to pay another library fine.
It will be fun to load up the iPad and go on a trip, leaving all that space previously occupied by books free for other things.


Blogger David said...

It is a magical little machine, isn't it? I predict you will get to try it out soon during an honest to goodness travel vacation. Trust me on this! I also predict you will be blogging happily away with your iPad.

11:59 PM  
Blogger Merle Sneed said...

I want an iPad. I have a Kindle and I love it, but it has it's limitations.

10:32 AM  
Blogger Kristin said...

My uncle bought an iPod touch this weekend for the same reason. It's so light, easy and perfect for travel. My brother and I, with the touch in pocket or hand, convinced him he'd use one.

12:00 AM  

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