Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Gift of a Day

Usually a delay in getting home is considered a real nuisance. Today it was a gift that delayed our return to the snow-ravaged East by a full day. We made good use of our extra time here in sunny California.

We were staying at the Osprey Nest B&B in Inverness near Pt. Reyes. After finishing off a bowl of homemade granola, we leisurely drank our coffee on the deck, where we could watch the hummingbirds feed.

We then decided to drive out to the end of the Pt. Reyes peninsula. On the way we stopped at the Drake's Bay Oyster Company, where we got a lesson in raising my favorite bivalves.

We headed out to the lighthouse to do some whale-watching while we shared a picnic lunch. There were 21 sightings yesterday, but not a one on our watch.

However, there were more elephant seals than we could count at Chimney Rock nearby. It sounded like a wild party going on as bulls courted and females prepared to leave their month-old pups.

The entire peninsula is home to many herds of cattle. They appear to be quite content as they quietly graze on the pastures overlooking the ocean.

Back in the town of Pt. Reyes, we visited The Cowgirl Creamery, just one of several places making artisan cheese. We stocked up on food for our trip home since UA doesn't even hand out peanuts any longer.

Stinson Beach was our choice for seeing the sun go down. It was a spectacular evening with no fog and lots of color. It was completely dark by 6 PM.

It seemed fitting to eat a plate of baked oysters as we got ready to say goodbye to this lovely area of California.

We're starting to think about the daunting task of digging out our car at the airport, that's if we manage to get home tomorrow, assuming Dulles Airport reopens. Then there's the question of whether our street will have been plowed and whether we will have lost power.

Living in California is starting to take on a new appeal!

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Blogger Angela said...

Oh, I am envious! We also have fresh snow and are sick of winter!
Have you read Loriann`s post (loritimesfive) about her husband surfing last weekend in CA?
I ALSO think living there could be an option!!

5:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fabulous day! Next time you're in Pt. Reyes Station try the panzanella at Stellina...out of this world!

Good luck getting home...


2:51 PM  
Blogger e said...

What a lovely trip (minus the bug, of course) CA is certainly beautiful and I've never been to that part of northern California.

I've always wanted to pet a llama...Hope you got back safe!

6:25 PM  
Blogger Pauline said...

Welcome home and back to winter! At least you had a chance to soak some sun into your bones!

6:40 AM  

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