Monday, January 24, 2011


After an early yoga session, our day really started with a knock on the door to announce the arrival of breakfast. And what a breakfast it was!

After dragging out our second cups of coffee, we headed across the street to hike along the cliffs over the ocean. It was a perfect day: sunny and cool but not cold.

(credit Camera+ and hubby for photo of us)

At one point we saw a spotted seal and her cub, who would sporadically swim off the rock to explore.

After lunch and some shopping in the small town of Mendocino, we headed up to the lighthouse at Point Cabrillo. I spotted a few whales fairly far out to sea.

In the late afternoon we got to help feed the llamas.

Apparently they don't care who is holding the bowl.

Here's a video from our morning hike.

YouTube Video

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ahhh...I feel both rested and invigorated just from seeing your images and words...what a fantastic trip! Hope your stomach's back to normal.


2:47 AM  

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