Thursday, December 01, 2005

Blogging and Psychotherapy

I was very tempted to skip my 7 AM therapy appointment this morning, since I have not been getting up so early since my surgery and I have been out late for the past two nights. But I did have so much to talk to Kathryn about, so I dragged myself out of bed when the alarm went off.

In telling her about my introduction to the DC blogging community last night and explaining some of the logistics of blogging, she said. “In many ways, it sounds just like psychotherapy. You don’t know anything about many of the people who are reading your BLOG and you don’t hear them or see them.” She went on to say that this was so like analysis where the patient is on a couch and the analyst is out of view.

I explained how a person can write about a life crisis and get feedback from any number of people who read that BLOG post. Some people comment anonymously. Others identify themselves. But most are insightful and useful comments. It’s almost like free psychotherapy. I could see that made her slightly nervous. Kathryn likes her $150 per hour.

At the end of our session today, I asked her if she would ever consider going out to lunch with me. From the beginning I have thought she would make a great friend. We talked about my motivation for asking. But she is resolute, to the point of not even shaking hands, so for the moment it is out of the question.


Blogger Jamy said...

I've found that my blog has a lot of theraputic value, though sometimes the comments people leave are upsetting. Still, it helps to get it all out there and the different perspectives are fascinating.

10:14 PM  

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