Monday, January 23, 2006

A Home-Grown Psalm

Yesterday at Temple Micah’s meeting of Kol Isha (Woman’s Voice), the group that focuses on women’s spirituality, the topic was none other than “The Psalms and Healing.” They didn’t know how important that topic might be to me in mid-January when they set up the schedule last fall. At the end of the two-hour discussion, the leader Lynn asked each person to take 15 minutes or so and write a personal psalm. I wrote what I wish I had written two weeks ago.


God, be my companion as I enter into the unknown.
Support my body as it prepares for assault.
Calm my mind as it imagines what is not there.
Help me understand why medical procedures are necessary.
Let my recovery be a time of reflection and learning
as I comprehend your infinite wisdom and my mortality.
I entrust my body, mind, and soul into your
safe-keeping. Guard them well.

It just rolled onto my page with no erasures, no strike-outs. Some days are like that. Maybe I had been saying this psalm-prayer in my head without knowing it.


Anonymous Fellow Micahite said...

Truly beautiful, Barbara.

1:57 PM  

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