Sunday, July 02, 2006

Dealing with Plane Legs

I loaned my good friend a couple of things for her European vacation this week, but I forgot perhaps the most important thing – socks that keep your legs and feet from swelling on the long flight.

My first reaction to these socks was that they must be for really old women with bad circulation. But after several bouts of swollen legs, one that resulted in cellulitis and nearly landed me in a Paris hospital, I bought the socks at CVS. They feel a little tight, like good support hose. But they work. When I land, I simply peel off the socks and my legs and feet are the same as when the plane took off.

I sincerely hope my friend was at least in Business Class, where you get a little more leg room. And maybe she is not one of those people whose legs tend to swell. I hope not, because she has some serious walking cut out for her in Rome this next week. They are probably just searching for a quaint little restaurant with the typical fixed price 3-course dinner menu and wine, of course, lots of wine. I envy her the after-dinner cappuccino before a long stroll around the city that never sleeps, as it watches over thousands of years of history. Adds a certain level of insignificance to July 4...

Here’s to her Roman holiday with healthy feet and legs!


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