Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Next Generation of Bloggers

Today’s Blogger meet-up was not the loud bar scene.  But rather it was a much quieter brunch at the Beacon Bar & Grill, punctuated occasionally by an overzealous toddler.

The moms had been super-star Bloggers in their heyday, with comments in the double digits every day.  But 4 years later they are no longer worried about what to write or how many comments they are getting.


Of the seven of us attending, only two of us are still Blogging regularly.  That would be me and one other person who writes Sweet Baby Jack.

Another person was 8 months pregnant and looked like she could give birth on the way home.  She had escaped bed-rest to join us for brunch.

The conversation had shifted dramatically from 4 years ago, now featuring pregnancy, labor, delivery, breast-feeding, and daycare.  I had to smile at how these girls had matured in the last few years.

Those babies may grow up, but they are never out of our thoughts and concerns.  My 28-year-old had called last night complaining of a backache brought on by being too macho with a heavy box.  So out of concern I stopped by (his apartment in Foggy Bottom) to deliver some carryout pad Thai on my way home.  He looked the picture of health today, but gratefully accepted dinner (or maybe it’s actually breakfast or lunch).

It was definitely fun to seem some familiar faces and to meet some new people.  And seeing their babies reaffirmed how much I would like to have grandchildren someday.


Blogger Kristin said...

It sounds like a wonderful day and a great get together. I'm sure you were great with the babies.

8:52 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Thank you SO much for the book for Jack! You are always so incredibly thoughtful! Interestingly, I've read it to him twice from cover to cover (which these days is a feat - he likes to grab and try to rip the pages, so we don't typically get all the way through a book) and started crying both times.

It was wonderful to see you! I'd love to try to do it again before the holidays! Perhaps a meetup for a glass of wine again after work one day when I actually come into the office?

9:40 AM  

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