Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cooking in Chiang Mai

We spent much of today learning how to make 6 Thai dishes with a witty young woman named Meow, which happens to mean "cat" in Thai.

First there was a trip to the market. This was by far the cleanest and most modern of the markets we have visited.

Our dishes included chicken with holy basil, steamed spring rolls, tom yum soup, yellow curry, chicken with cashew nuts (which had to be flamed), and mango with sticky rice.

It was a lot of cooking and eating, but we got to relax in between courses.

After cooking class, we went up a mountain outside of Chiang Mai to see the Doi Suthep wat. It was somewhat surreal to hear the monks doing their evening chanting while we gazed out at the city below us.

I am hoping to get a second wind so I can enjoy then night market and dinner from street venders.

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Location:Phra Pok Klao,Sri Phum,Thailand


Blogger Steve Reed said...

Her name was Meow? That's awesome!

Glad to see you're still having wonderful experiences!

7:10 AM  

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