Friday, January 06, 2012

About Time

When my best friend growing up turned 5, her father’s birthday gift to her was a ride to the park on the back of his bike.  She was one of 10 children and he was a very busy pediatrician, which made his gift of his time even more special.
We all have priorities in our lives which dictate how we use our time.  Some people even at my age stay extremely busy and can’t imagine ever not working.  Others learned long ago how to relax and enjoy free time.  
My birthday gift from one of the busiest people I know was an invitation to go to a museum of my choice and then out to lunch with the guarantee that it would be fun.  The same person gave me a couple of very unique little presents in a beautiful card, but her promised gift of time trumped everything else.
Most of us will easily write a check or pull out a charge card without hesitation, but the decision to give of one’s personal time is even more special in my mind.


Blogger Steve Reed said...

I absolutely agree -- I would much rather have the gift of someone's time and a shared experience than another object!

2:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most precious gifts for me, indeed, are time together and presence and attention. Hope you're still relishing your birthday season!


5:33 PM  

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