Sunday, January 08, 2012

Ann, the Play

Some politicians just beg to be remembered, to claim a little place in our hearts.  They are indeed statesmen and stateswomen (is that a word?) and they often have charisma.  And so it was with Ann Richards, who is best remembered as the governor of Texas and as the person who gave the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in 1988.
This afternoon we learned the intricate details of the life of Ann Richards as we saw the one-person play Ann in the Eisenhower Theater of the Kennedy Center.  It is a play written and acted by Holland Taylor, who must feel like Ann reincarnated by now.
Several things struck me as I learned about the life of this outspoken, no-nonsense woman from the great state of Texas.  She was a people-person.  She found a way to get things done.  She had friends in high places.  She still made time for her family despite an incredibly busy work life.  She seldom failed to speak her mind, often displaying a real feistiness.  But most importantly she had an enduring sense of humor.
It is refreshing to encounter an honest politician who commands so much respect.  Maybe if there were a few more politicians like Ann today, our country could emerge from the mess it’s in.


Blogger Steve Reed said...

Interesting! She would be a great subject for a play. I was so disappointed when she wasn't re-elected in Texas. (And George W. Bush took her place. Ugh.)

1:25 AM  

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