Saturday, December 10, 2005

Another Weird Dream

Why in the world am I dreaming about swimming? I’m afraid of the water myself. My children were once champion swimmers. In fact, when my son was 13, he was one of the premier swimmers on the east coast. But then we discovered that he had OCD after he agonized over having eaten a whole bag of cookies, thinking that that might ruin his ability to swim. He quit swimming and my daughter announced, “If he is quitting, so am I.” But up until that time, we had spent many a weekend sitting next to a chlorine-filled pool watching random 1-minutes bursts of excellence.

Last night’s dream takes place at a swim meet. My children are not swimming, but I do recognize the faces of neighborhood children who were on our neighborhood swim team – one family with 5 children in particular. What’s unusual about this meet is that the two top freestyle swimmers in one race have a completely new style of swimming: they are kneeling with only their waist up showing above the water – almost as if they had a little propeller on their butts. It obviously seemed work quite well since they won that race. I asked one of them about this new form later and she said that in between “land” exercises, they meditated in this fashion, so they decided to try it in the pool and it worked. Go figure!

Where in the world do we come up with dream material from? Only in our dreams can such bizarre things happen...


Blogger Velvet said...

If you believe my ex-boyfriend, we only use 10% of our brains in our conscious state. The other 90% is tapped into in our dreams and also with the use of hallucinogens like LSD. I guess I beleive that because on my best day I could never come up with the things that happen in my dreams.

I would like to see that upright swimming. If you could make that work, you would be famous - think of all the people scared of water who would like to swim like that.

11:11 AM  

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