Friday, December 09, 2005

Scarf-Tying 101

I grew up in Florida where I seldom wore a coat and certainly didn’t need a hat, gloves, or a scarf. From the time I moved to DC in 1971 I have been in denial about the cold weather. I wear a coat only when necessary and sometimes gloves when it is REALLY cold, but I have never bothered with a hat or a scarf.

My friend Mary, who is sometimes not the happiest person in the world, surprised me yesterday with a hand-knit scarf. It’s a beautiful dark blue with little specks of color and it is so soft. When I saw another friend and soul-sistah today as I was wearing my shoes wet from puddles and my new scarf, instead of saying, “FUCK! You don’t even know how to put on a scarf,” she said in her much more constructive way, “I can show you a couple of other ways to wear it so that it will stay on and keep your neck and even your face warm. And, by the way, your mother obviously never taught you how to take care of yourself.” I admitted that when I was growing up we only bought the most essential things and winter clothing and waterproof boots were not high on the list of essentials.

As I left her place with my scarf skillfully tied around my neck, I remembered the only advice my mother gave me as I drove north never to return to Florida for more than a visit: “You should probably start locking your car doors!” But she never mentioned how to deal with the weather...


Blogger Washington Cube said...

Two good friends. One provides the warmth, and the other teaches more ways to extend it. Aren't you lucky.

7:24 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Yes, I am very lucky. They are different as night and day, but I cherish both friendships!

9:02 PM  

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