Monday, December 05, 2005

Bodily Dis-Symmetry

Do you think of the left side of your body as being pretty much a copy of the right side, except for the fact that you are probably either left- or right-handed? I had always thought this to be the case. Always, that is, until I started doing yoga. I began to realize how very different my two sides are. Balance poses are much easier when I am balancing on my left leg. If it were up to my left leg, I could easily touch the floor in a forward bend. In just about every pose my left leg is stronger than my right, my left hip has more mobility than my right.

I wonder if we are born with this inequality or if it develops as we grow. I wonder if my brain is stronger on one side than the other. I wonder if this is true for most people, or if my body is uniquely dis-symmetric.


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