Wednesday, December 07, 2005

My Blogger First Birthday

Just one year ago today I started my BLOG at the suggestion of a friend. My first post was on “My Worst Fears”, an appropriate topic for Pearl Harbor Day. I was a very different person a year ago. In fact, if I had been subjected to that test of trust where you fall backwards and someone catches you, I would have been assured that the one and only person on whom I relied would have not been able to keep me from cracking my head open on the floor. Today I could envision trying the same trust test and being easily supported by a whole group of people, many of whom I met over the past year, some of whom I have yet to meet.

So what happened? Was it the drops of FEARLESS that I put on my wrists every day? Or was it that I found my voice and began to write all of the things that had been just piling up in my head for oh-so-many years? Was it sorting out my past with my wonderful psychotherapist? Whatever it was, I am a much happier person today. I am reminded of that every time I look at my picture on my badge for work. I hardly recognize that sad face.

So happy Blogger birthday to me! I think I will celebrate by inhaling a diffused mixture of FEARLESS, PEACE, and a little FRANKINCENSE. Life is really very good!


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