Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Heart Job

I had a very weird dream earlier this week. Here's what happened in the dream:

Two men carried another man by his arms and legs to what looked to be an auto service garage. They announced to the attendant that their friend needed open-heart surgery. One of the garage bay doors rolled up and they took him inside. Sure enough, the garage looked like an operating room. Some time later the door was pulled up again and the surgery team brought the patient out – once again holding him by his arms and legs – and dropped him on the pavement in front of his friends. One of the friend pounded him on the chest (which had just been operated on) and pronounced him "good to go". Then I woke up in HORROR!

One odd thing about this dream is that all the characters were male. My dreams usually have only female characters. Did I dream this because of my recent surgery? Why was the scene an auto service garage? Why was there this violence at the end? Is this connected to the dream about my car exploding because of a bomb?

I need a new dream to replace this one...


Blogger Washington Cube said...

Here. Go nuts.


To see a mechanic in your dream, suggests that you need to work on healing your past hurts and trauma.
To dream that your car needs repair suggests that you are expending too much energy and need to slow down or run the risk of becoming burnt out. You may be taking on more than you can handle. It is time to take a breather.


To dream that you or someone else is undergoing surgery, signifies the opening of the Self and/or the need for emotional healing. You need to "cut out" or eliminate something from your life. Alternatively, you are feeling the influence of some authority figure. A more literal interpretation of this dream may reflect your concerns about upcoming surgery or about your health.


If you are a woman and dream that you are surrounded by men, highlights the masculine aspect of yourself and forces you to acknowledge your authorities and aggressive side. Consider also how the men are dressed as this will provide a clue as to what area in your life you need to assert more power.


To see your chest in your dream, signifies confidence, conquest and vitality. Alternatively, it represents feelings of being overwhelmed and being dangerously confronted by something. Consider also if the dream is telling you that there is something that you need to "get off your chest".
To dream that you are beating on your chest, indicates triumph and a great accomplishment

Oh yeah....


To see a bomb in your dream, signifies that you may be going through a potentially explosive and trying situation in your waking life. The bomb could represent repressed desires and unexpressed emotions that are likely to explode or burst if not dealt with soon. It could be something within yourself, such as the desire to explode with anger over an issue that's affecting you. To dream of a bomb threat, suggests that you are experiencing some inner anger and/or pressures which are on the verge of exploding into violence.

5:28 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

WOW! I didn't realize just how complex this little dream was. You are right on with some of your interpretations and you don't even know me. Uncanny...

9:58 PM  

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