Monday, December 26, 2005

Light One Star-of-David Candle?

As we were preparing to light the first candle of Hanukkah last night, my friend Linda handed us all these weird little glasses she had gotten from her mother-in-law in the 70's and told us to put them on. I did as I was told and how the world changed. Every point of light became a Star-of-David. We looked out the window at the Christmas lights of the neighborhood and all of a sudden they became a sea of Stars-of-David in the night sky. We found that if you tilted your head back and forth, they began to dance. If you put the glasses at an angle, the stars elongated. The only thing that would have been more cool would have been to be high!

We lit that first night candle, sang the traditional songs with noone remembering the third verse that you are supposed to sing on the first night, and continued to shake our heads in amazement as the Hanukkah lights took on a whole new look this year.

Hell, we don’t need rose-colored-glasses. We have something better – ours put stars in your eyes!


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