Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Family – That's What It's All About

I have come to view my fellow Bloggers as something of a second family. In many cases our relationship is virtual, but it’s a family feeling nonetheless.

I’m not talking about a conventional family structure with a Mom and Dad and other relatives, but rather something like a commune, where everyone has the same role and responsibility.

A few people distinguish themselves. There’s Reya, who was my Blogging mentor. There’s a group of younger women – including Velvet, Cookie, Kathryn, Asian Mistress, V, Kristin, and Cee (in Australia) – whom I think of as my children. There’s a growing number of people of my generation – including Kate, Mother of Invention, Renny (in Norway), and Old Lady (who is actually younger than I am.) And there are a few in betweens, like Sue, John, Jamy, Pagan, and my newest Blogger friend Richard.

What do these individuals have in common? They all pour their hearts out on a regular basis in their respective Blogs. AND they read my Blog often enough and some leave comments on a regular basis.

Whether we have a mental picture of each other or not, we have come to know an awful lot about one another. We have sweated through biopsies, dried the tears of broken loves, offered encouragement on new adventures, and just been available to listen to each other. Sounds like family to me...


Blogger Velvet said...


Bloggers as friends / family hasn't worked out so well for me. I'm glad you've been lucky. I've seen more bad stuff than I cared to, from something as simple as blogging.

12:41 PM  
Blogger Richard said...

Well said.

I have similar feelings. There are many wonderful people in the blog-o-sphere (also a lot of not so nice people).

I am honoured that you have decided to put my link up (I would have replied by e-mail, but Netscape is giving me problems at the moment).

I am a little more cautious, so it takes me a while to put up people's links.

One of the nice things about blogging (at least for me), is the ability to do it on my own time. I have time to read and then reflect before commenting.

12:48 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Velvet -- I think the difference is that I am not searching for romance and I am definitely not in competition with any of my readers. Come on, you have to admit that you really value many of your loyal following. OK, so there have been a few encounters you could have done without. But mostly we your loyal readers would take the sword for you!

Richard -- Welcome to my family!

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Sue aka DRFS said...

I had a great comment and the universe ate it.

The long and the short of it is...whatever you write...if it counts and is from your soul...has the chance of either touching someone for good, hurting them or ticking them off. Good and bad are out here reading our words and sometimes you meet people that you connect's a good thing. It adds layers to your personality and helps to shape you as you walk through life. I have no clue why I's a way for me to write even though I am having a hard time focusing on my novel (which is where I should be writing). I think I'll eventually get back to that work and that blogging helps me toss off a lot of extra angst. I hope others take something of value from what I do...but you never know. I do like the fact that I've connected with people that open up my view of the world as I see life through their eyes. Where that leads I don't know...but it's better than living my life in the fetal position.

3:10 PM  
Blogger Mother of Invention said...

Thanks for including me, Barbara! I think we all get something out of reading about another's thoughts or experiences...a slice of their life, inner and outer, and that helps us put our lives in perspective and helps us know where we might fit in. And it just makes you feel good when someone reads what you've taken time to compose, to actually think you may have made a wee bit of difference in how they now view this same world we all share! It's kinda cool! It's a bonus too, when you can relate to people of all ages. It helps me get my thoughts in a concrete form and outside of my head.

Glad you're a part of my blogger extended family! Thanks for reading my blog. I know I can't keep up to blog every single day, you do that so well!

8:44 PM  

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