Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pantry Pride

I spent the better part of today cleaning out the pantry, something that seems to happen only when there is an infestation or I get sufficiently shamed into doing something about the chaos that lies behind that closed door. It had gotten to the point where you could barely walk in and getting something our might send something else crashing to the floor. In this cleaning spree, I learned several things about myself.

I learned how much I forget once something goes on the shelf. I found a total of 4 unopened bottles of apple cider vinegar, obviously the result of running out in my kitchen cabinet and just buying a new one without checking the pantry. Ditto on baking soda, baking powder, BBQ sauce, and a number of other things that were languishing on the shelves.

I was reminded just how much stuff to do with cooking and eating I possess. I have the dishes, “hardware”, and snail shells to serve a lot of escargot. I have artichoke plates. I have not one but two pressure cookers. (When was the last time I used either?) I have an old-fashioned meat grinder my uncle found at the junk yard for me when I was first learning to make gefillte fish. I have an apple machine that peels, cores, and slices them.

I remembered how hard (but necessary) it is to part with enough things to return the pantry to some semblance of order and cleanliness. Today my ancient 5-cup yogurt maker, the Salton sandwich maker, an iced tea maker (bought on a whim at Costco), a Tupperware microwave rice maker, and several other gems moved out, hopefully to find new homes. They are all the kind of thing that brings about $3 at a yard sale.

I realized how much my husband (the pack rat) really appreciates my occasional efforts to clean out and restore order to our house. He grimaced when I suggested that otherwise our entire house would reflect his penchant for making piles and keeping things just in case.

As a reward for all this decision-making and hard labor, I treated myself to a massage by my new therapist whose hands so skillfully work out all the kinks. It was an hour+ of pure nirvana.

It felt good to know I actually accomplished something today besides exercising, practicing the piano, and reading my current book.

Tomorrow I’m moving on to CD’s. This will be the perfect job for me since I do like to categorize and organize. I would like to eventually come up with some sort of data base that reflects the various pieces on all those CD’s and transfer all our old vinyl to CD and... Well, that’s getting a little too ambitious.

These are baby steps in cleaning up a lifetime of things. I cringe at the task that may ultimately be necessary if we ever move into a smaller space. But for now, at least the pantry is clean once again.


Blogger Rayna said...

Waaah - I want that meat grinder. It looks just like the one my mother had in the days when she 1)made chopped liver, 2)made chicken salad (I never knew it came in chunks till I grew up), and 3)ground her own hamburger because there was no pre-ground stuff in the market and that's what you did.

I think we all have the same pantry problems: doubles and triples of nonessentials and out of stuff we REALLY need. LOL

8:52 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

Rayna -- Yes, the meat grinder is a classic. I'm sure my uncle paid a couple of dollars for it. He used to hang out a lot at the junk yards of Minneapolis. I still love the feel of grinding anything through it, although I must say it's been a while since I have done it. The Cuisinart revolutionized so many things in the kitchen.

9:02 PM  
Blogger Kristin said...

Great job, Barbara! I envy your motivation and keep thinking I need to get rid of more (especially after seeing Up in the Air). I carry entirely too much in my backpack/life.

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recognize that meat grinder, too! My mother had a very similar one.

Congrats on your Winter Cleaning! Doesn't it feel great to let go of those things...I believe you're carrying less "stuck" energy around you now. Perhaps this all fits in with your desire to feel more direction and passion in your life.


1:34 AM  
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