Thursday, August 19, 2010

Final cooking class

Just last night the novelty of Thai food started to wane a bit and there was talk of hamburgers and pizza. We never seem to be satisfied, do we?

So today as we returned to cooking class with the lovely Meow, we already knew it was an all-day affair. We had 4 new people in our class who were making many things we were not.

We tried to opt out for drinking iced coffee at the market figuring we had done that part yesterday. But instead Meow gave each of us a grocery list and some money and we did the shopping for the things we would make. The vendors were greatly amused at our attempts to communicate and that Thai lesson of last week seemed so distant. But we still managed to find everything we needed for the day's cooking.

First we made pad sie eu, a wide-noodle dish with chicken and basil. For our second dish, we had requested something out of the ordinary: frog with garlic. Brock saw the slaughter (in the market) of our 8 or so frogs and described it in graphic detail. Here is a before and after picture. And yes, they do taste rather like chicken.

Our third dish was a lovely fruit salad with hot peppers.

The fourth dish, khao soi, was perhaps our favorite. It made good use of the red curry paste we had made yesterday.

But by this time we we quite satiated, hot, and tired and so we helped ourselves to a nap while the other students worked on their next dishes. We actually decided to forego our last 2 dishes in the interest of some down time and another massage. Definitely a wise decision. (There are 30 baht to the dollar.)

I will always look at my name tag from Meow's class and remember her humor, like the instruction to think of our previous disappointing lovers as we smashed our garlic.

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Location:Phra Pok Klao,Sri Phum,Thailand


Blogger Cyndy said...

That all sounds so incredibly delicious but it's easy to imagine being ready for something different, even with all of the diversity there is within Thai food.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Kellyann Brown said...

When I think of cooked frogs, I think of my in-laws who were told by Mama's mother that all we eat here (in Amreeka) is crab and frog's legs! ::laugh:::

1:59 PM  

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