Friday, August 20, 2010

Last day

By day 10 of a vacation my clothes are usually pretty much all in need of washing. But here in Chiang Mai we discovered the Parasol Hotel laundry service at 80 baht (less than $3) a kilo. So everything is washed and even our underwear is ironed.

Brock wisely didn't schedule anything for our last day. Instead we went to the "hardware store" market where we found some of the cooking supplies we had grown to love. Brock helped Rachel choose a skillet and knives at a fraction of the cost at home.

Then David and I went on an adventure to the Gem Gallery, reputed to be largest jewelry factory and store in SE Asia. I was in search of a black star sapphire pendant and I found numerous choices in a wide range of prices. David said "happy anniversary" as we handed over the AmEx card.

After a lunch of our beloved khao soi, which we managed to order on our own, I spent some time scouting out the local souvenir shops and wondering just how much room that expansion zipper in my 22" suitcase would buy.

Tonight our farewell dinner will be a very special tasting menu, which will certainly send us away with a good taste of Thailand. We are already scheming about our next trip after this very special vacation.

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Location:Phra Pok Klao,Sri Phum,Thailand


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