Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not my fault

That seems to be the theme of today. Although I think I will actually make it home later today.

I had a relatively good night's sleep at the Westin Hotel. I caught an early morning airport shuttle over to LAX, thinking I would just hop on AA0076 and be home at 5:40 pm. But that was far too logical. The American Airlines person informed me that I had no ticket because I had missed my UA flight yesterday (my original flight that took off when I was somewhere over the Pacific). Her calls to Cathay Pacific went answered while I watched the minutes tick by. It quickly became apparent that I would miss that flight for lack of a ticket.

The Cathay Pacific people finally showed up (in a different terminal) around 9:30. They of course said the AA people should have given me a ticket based on what I showed them. They then put me on a UA flight leaving at 1:00. The only compensation they were willing to offer me was a $20 food voucher usable only in their terminal, which wouldn't do me any good since UA is in a different terminal.

My husband's reaction was that I should be pressing someone to do something for me since I have been so inconvenienced. But truthfully my only goal right now is to get home, even if it is now 9:10 pm tonight. He did offer to pick me up at Dulles. I can't wait to see Jake, who has now been retrieved from "Camp Adams".

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Anonymous lr said...

Looking forward to seeing you back in the neighborhood. It's been fun traveling with you via your blog. As always your pictures are terrific.

5:02 PM  
Blogger MB said...

Definitely write a long letter (email) to customer service upon your return. Heck, I complained about United not having my vegetarian meal and got $200 just for that. You should be due some compensation!

11:43 PM  
Blogger Barbara said...

LR -- It's good to be home. Seems like an eternity since I have seen you. Let's have a girls lunch or tea or something with our mutual friend.

MB -- You just prompted me to fish the incriminating evidence out of the trash can. I will work on that letter tomorrow. With any luck it will give me a down-payment on my next Asia adventure. Our friend Brock is quite the tour guide!

12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I got home a day ago myself, and have just now caught up on your trip. What a wonderful adventure! I hope your "re-entry" is going smoothly. Let's talk soon!



3:20 PM  

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